Source code for amqpstorm.exception

"""AMQPStorm Exception."""

    311: ('CONTENT-TOO-LARGE',
          'The client attempted to transfer content larger than the '
          'server could accept at the present time. The client may '
          'retry  at a later time.'),
    312: ('NO-ROUTE', 'Undocumented AMQP Soft Error'),
    313: ('NO-CONSUMERS',
          'When the exchange cannot deliver to a consumer when the '
          'immediate flag is set. As a result of pending data on '
          'the queue or the absence of any consumers of the queue.'),
          'An operator intervened to close the connection for some reason. '
          'The client may retry at some later date.'),
    402: ('INVALID-PATH',
          'The client tried to work with an unknown virtual host.'),
    403: ('ACCESS-REFUSED',
          'The client attempted to work with a server entity to which '
          'has no access due to security settings.'),
    404: ('NOT-FOUND',
          'The client attempted to work with a server '
          'entity that does not exist.'),
    405: ('RESOURCE-LOCKED',
          'The client attempted to work with a server entity to which it '
          'has no access because another client is working with it.'),
          'The client requested a method that was not '
          'allowed because some precondition failed.'),
    501: ('FRAME-ERROR',
          'The sender sent a malformed frame that the recipient could '
          'not decode. This strongly implies a programming error in '
          'the sending peer.'),
    502: ('SYNTAX-ERROR',
          'The sender sent a frame that contained illegal values for '
          'one or more fields. This strongly implies a programming '
          'error in the sending peer.'),
    503: ('COMMAND-INVALID',
          'The client sent an invalid sequence of frames, attempting to '
          'perform an operation that was considered invalid by the server. '
          'This usually implies a programming error in the client.'),
    504: ('CHANNEL-ERROR',
          'The client attempted to work with a channel that had not '
          'been correctly opened. This most likely indicates a '
          'fault in the client layer.'),
          'The peer sent a frame that was not expected, usually in the '
          'context of a content header and body. This strongly '
          'indicates a fault in the peer\'s content processing.'),
    506: ('RESOURCE-ERROR',
          'The server could not complete the method because it lacked '
          'sufficient resources. This may be due to the client '
          'creating too many of some type of entity.'),
    530: ('NOT-ALLOWED',
          'The client tried to work with some entity in a manner '
          'that is prohibited by the server, due to security '
          'settings or by some other criteria.'),
    540: ('NOT-IMPLEMENTED',
          'The client tried to use functionality that is '
          'notimplemented in the server.'),
    541: ('INTERNAL-ERROR',
          'The server could not complete the method because of an '
          'internal error. The server may require intervention by '
          'an operator in order to resume normal operations.')

[docs] class AMQPError(IOError): """General AMQP Error. Exceptions raised by AMQPStorm are mapped based to the AMQP 0.9.1 specifications (when applicable). e.g. :: except AMQPChannelError as why: if why.error_code == 312: """ _documentation = None _error_code = None _error_type = None @property def documentation(self): """AMQP Documentation string.""" return self._documentation or bytes() @property def error_code(self): """AMQP Error Code - A 3-digit reply code.""" return self._error_code @property def error_type(self): """AMQP Error Type e.g. NOT-FOUND.""" return self._error_type def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): self._error_code = kwargs.pop('reply_code', None) super(AMQPError, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) if self._error_code not in AMQP_ERROR_MAPPING: return self._error_type = AMQP_ERROR_MAPPING[self._error_code][0] self._documentation = AMQP_ERROR_MAPPING[self._error_code][1]
[docs] class AMQPConnectionError(AMQPError): """AMQP Connection Error.""" pass
[docs] class AMQPChannelError(AMQPError): """AMQP Channel Error.""" pass
[docs] class AMQPMessageError(AMQPChannelError): """AMQP Message Error.""" pass
[docs] class AMQPInvalidArgument(AMQPError): """AMQP Argument Error."""