AMQPStorm Documentation

Thread-safe Python RabbitMQ Client & Management library.


The latest version can be installed using pip and is available at pypi here

pip install amqpstorm

You can also install AMQPStorm with the management dependencies using.

pip install amqpstorm[management]

You can also install AMQPStorm with the pool dependencies using.

pip install amqpstorm[pool]

Basic Example

with amqpstorm.Connection('', 'guest', 'guest') as connection:
    with as channel:
        message = amqpstorm.Message.create(
            channel, body='Hello RabbitMQ!', properties={
                'content_type': 'text/plain'

Additional Examples

A wide verity of examples are available on Github at here


Please report any issues on Github here


AMQPStorm source code is available on Github here

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